President’s Notes – Feb 2017

I attended two state-level meetings last month in Berkeley, CA and want to briefly share some of the details with you.

The CNPS State Board meeting was held Friday afternoon (Dec. 2nd 2016) and the State Chapter Council meeting was held Saturday and Sunday morning (Dec. 3rd and 4th 2016). I think it is important that we know this organization has a statelevel work force that has its finger on the pulse of vital plant conservation, government oversight, and public engagement issues. For an overview of what CNPS does statewide, please refer to the CNPS Strategic Plan.

At the Board Meeting, we heard the reports on a myriad of topics: Finances, Budget, Audits, Membership, Fund Raising, Planned Giving, Strategic Planning, Botanist Certification, Landscape Professional Certification, Phytophthora Control, Calscape Website Review, Plant Conservation, Books, Board Responsibilities, Elections, Litigations, and Fellows Recognitions.

At the Chapter Council Meeting, we heard about Alliances and Leadership, a CEQA Overview, Engagement on the Local Level, and Working with a Dedicated Volunteer Base. We heard a report on work done by the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden to restore several rare plant populations around the SF Bay Area. There were also  breakout sessions on Education, Membership, and Logistics. Saturday evening’s banquet speaker was Jim Shevock, on The First Land Plants: the diversity and distribution of Bryophytes in California.

The next State-level meeting is scheduled for March 10th to 12th 2017 in Santa Barbara Co. Included in the meeting is an all day field trip to Santa Cruz Island on Sunday the 12th. I would encourage anyone interested in attending this meeting to contact me for more details (

CNPS is a non-profit organization with complete transparency. At the local level, our bi-monthly Board meetings are open to all members. Please participate.

– Bill Waycott