Conservation News by David Chipping

Against what earlier seemed to be against all odds and to our grateful surprise, the Board of Supervisors approved the Oak Protection Ordinance. CNPS really called out the troops, with Holly Slettland mounting a support petition that gained over 1,000 signatures. We had help from Janet Cobb, of the California Wildlife Foundation, other out-of-the-area conservation organizations, the Sierra Club, Audubon, and a host of others. We and the trees thank everyone, and a shout-out to all you good CNPS members that either wrote a letter or testified at the meeting.

In other news we wrote a comment letter on the EIR for the Eagle Ranch development in Atascadero. This takes ranch land to the southwest of the city, and adds several hundred houses. The number of units has been vested by the original E.G. Lewis tract maps from the early days of Atascadero, and the issue is placement with the least environmental damage. We expressed concern over serpentine endemics and riparian setbacks.