Plant Lists Submitted by Dave Kiel

Bishop Peak Open Space 2 June 2019 | PDF

Calf Canyon and Vicinity 8 June 2019 | PDF

Caliente Range 3 June 2019 | PDF

Cambria 10 June 2019 | PDF

Cerro Romaldo 09 June 2019 | PDF

Cerro San Luis 09 June 2019 | PDF

Cottonwood Pass 09 June 2019 | PDF

Cuesta East 09 June 2019 | PDF

Cuesta West 02 June 2019 | PDF

Cypress Mountain 03 June 2019 | PDF

Davis Canyon 03 June 2019 | PDF

Indian Knob 09 June 2019 | PDF

Irish Hills 09 June 2019 | PDF

Islay Hill 07 June 2019 | PDF

Johnson Ranch 25 May 2019 | PDF

Laguna Lake 07 June 2019 | PDF

Montana de Oro 07 June 2019 | PDF

Morro Bay State Park 07 June 2019 | PDF

Pennington Creek Biological Reserve 10 June 2019 | PDF

Pismo Preserve 07 June 2019 | PDF

Poly and Horse Canyon 07 June 2019 | PDF

Prefumo Canyon 09 June 2019 | PDF

Red Hill Mesa 07 June 2019 | PDF

Reservoir Canyon 07 June 2019 | PDF

Rinconada 02 June 2019 | PDF

San Simeon 09 June 2019 | PDF

Santa Margarita Lake – Grey Pine 07 June 2019 | PDF

Santa Rita Road 07 June 2019 | PDF

Shell Creek 09 April 2019 | PDF

South Hills Open Space 08 June 2019 | PDF

Stenner Springs 09 June 2019 | PDF

Sweet Springs 08 June 2019 | PDF

Three Bridges Oak Reserve 02 June 2019 | PDF

Plant Lists Submitted by other CNPS SLO Community Members

Salmon Creek Trail | Post A list of wildflowers seen along Salmon Creek Trail on April 10, 2014, submitted by Amanda Darling

Coon Creek | PDF 2013 Coon Creek Master Plant List, compiled by Dirk Walters (Sorted By Scientific Name).

Shell Creek | PDF Spring Shell Creek checklist with the addition of 11 species from April 2012 trip, prepared by Dave Keil.

Chimineas RanchPDF Prepared by George Butterworth (2012) and organized like the Jepson Manual.

Calf Canyon | PDF Checklist of Vascular Plants, Calf Canyon and Vicinity (11/2011) by David J. Keil.

Pine Forest Mushroom List for Cambria, CA | PDF What mushrooms might you find in a pine forest? What are their scientific names and common names? Where should you looks – on pinecones, in roadsides and disturbed areas, or in grassy areas? Here is a listing of the fungi you might find in a pine forest in Cambria, California.

Flora of Fern Canyon | PDF Here is a checklist of the flora found at Fern Canyon in the Lodge Hill area of Cambria, California. Noted are scientific and common names as well as whether each plant is an ornamental species escaped from cultivation, an introduced more-or-less weedy species, a crop plant escaped from cultivation, and/or a noxious weed.

Highway 46 Flora | PDF Starting at Hwy 46 and Vineyard drive, head west and start your mileage counter. Four mileage markers are noted with the corresponding natives to see.

Salmon Creek Flora | PDF Plants in flower at Salmon Creek.

Santa Rita Creek Flora | PDF Starting at South Bethel Rd. & Santa Rita Creek Road, heading west on Santa Rita Creek Road and start your mileage counter. Native flora locations are noted for the next 13 miles.

Flora of the Lodge Hill, Cambria area |  PDF A robust list broken down to trees, shrubs, and herbs and ferns, and listing both scientific and common names.

Shell Creek Flora | PDF Wildflowers noted at Shell Creek, including both scientific and common names.

Shell Creek and Vicinity, Nov 2011 | PDF Checklist of Vascular Plants of the Avenales Wildlife Area, Sinton Ranch.

Jack Creek Flora | PDF Large list of Jack Creek wildland native plants by scientific name.

El Chorro Regional Park | PDF Plant list, 1993-1994.

Bud Meyer Los Osos Dunes | PDF Plant list.

California Canyon | PDF Plant list.

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  • 01

    7:00 pm-9:00 pm
    SLO Vets Hall
    801 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, USA


    Developing a Web-based Tree Identification Key

    The June speaker will be our McLeod scholarship grad student awardee, Kyle Nessen. Kyle’s project is in collaboration with CalFire to create a photographic key to tree identification on the Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute website.

  • 03

    11:00 am-2:00 pm
    Ramona Garden Park Center
    993 Ramona Ave, Grover Beach, CA 93433, USA

    Spring Garden Tour & Plant Exchange with Expo

    June 3, 2017

    Ramona Garden Park Center
    993 Ramona Avenue, Grover Beach
    Self-Guided Garden Tour from 1:00-4:00

    The Plant Exchange is an opportunity for people to bring plants from their gardens and swap them out for something new from someone else’s garden, and we would love to have you participate with that as well. We have some people that bring several plants and others that bring just one, and the City usually contributes some plants as well as small containers and soil for re-potting.

    * * *

    CNPS will host a booth at this event. If you would like participation and talk California native plants in the garden please contact Mardi Niles at

    If you have California native plants that you would like to donate to the exchange please come and bring your plants.

  • 20

    11:00 am-4:00 pm
    Growing Grounds Farm Wholesale Nursery
    3740 Orcutt Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, USA

    Growing Grounds Farm is a non-profit wholesale nursery located in San Luis Obispo. Growing Grounds offers California natives, Mediterranean perennials, succulents, restoration and mitigation plants, a wide variety of grasses, and a selection of perennial herbs.

    Growing Grounds Farm is a wholesale nursery and does not sell directly to the public except on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m