Introduction to California Desert Wildflowers



Philip A. Munz, Diane L. Renshaw, and Phyllis M. Faber

Some of the most spectacular and famous spring wildflower displays in California occur in the state’s deserts. Easy-to-use, portable, and comprehensive, this book has now been thoroughly updated and revised throughout, making it the perfect guide to take along on excursions into the Mojave and Colorado Deserts.

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Paperback, 248 pages
Published March 29th 2004 by University of California Press
Includes 220 new color photographs and 123 detailed drawings

  • Now identifies more than 240 wildflowers in informative, engaging species accounts
  • Covers such popular destinations as Death Valley, Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree National Park

“This is an historic book, popular for 40 years and many people’s first introduction to the study of California desert wildflowers. The combination of both line drawings and color photographs with a popularized but accurate and informative text is as effective as ever. Everyone interested in the subject will want a copy.”–Emil Morhardt, author of California Desert Flowers

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