Our chapter is developing strong ties with the Friends of the Carrizo Plain in developing resources such as a wildflower guide, and providing road and trail logs of vegetation and geology. If you love the Carrizo and want to work with CNPS and FOCP projects contact me or Dr. Dirk Walters.

The City of Pismo Beach continues to seek annexation and development of lands around Price Canyon, the next stage being hearings before Local Agency Formation Commission which I shall monitor. The hills behind Pismo Beach have been ravaged by development that has reduced the numbers of Pismo clarkia, a rare plant, and we want to see the remainder protected. I regret to say that Bob Brownson of Arroyo Grande, who fought for oak and Pismo clarkia, recently passed away and will be sorely missed.

I recently discovered a large patch of a strange looking Limonium in the salt marsh by the Morro Bay marina that turned out to be a very troubling invasive from Algeria that is a problem in San Francisco Bay. Positive I.D. was made by Dr. Keil, and the State Parks squad rushed out and killed off the patch with herbicide. We thank  them for their prompt action.  (ed: Here is a PDF with more info on this invasive plant.)

–David Chipping