Now that summer is almost over, the long dry days and warm nights will give way to cool crisp mornings and as autumn approaches . . . The Plant Sale.

With luck this winter will bring hopes of copious amounts of rain as predicted by the National Weather Service. El Niño weather patterns are perfect for adding plants to the garden. Suzette and I think this will be a very good thing for the plant sale. More than ever we can say, “use the winter rains to help establish your native plants.” November is one of the best months to plant in. This is why the sale has always been held in the fall. So please keep this in mind while talking with your friends and neighbors about the sale.

As always, the plant sale is our biggest fundraiser for the year. The money we earn goes towards meeting room rental, web page maintenance and upgrades, and the Obispoensis newsletter printing and mailing. Suzette and I invite any and all members, new or old, to please volunteer to help at this year’s annual plant sale. There are many jobs to be done and I can always match you to something that fits best for you. Some jobs are: setting up chairs and tables, unloading plants, directing traffic, assisting with plant sales, and answering plant related questions. It’s a great way to meet new people, talk to old friends, learn plant names, and get some exercise. We will have books, posters, T-shirts, … oh did I forget to say volunteers get first pick of plants before the sale starts.

Until then Happy Gardening,

John and Suzette

The many ways to sign up

  1. Print out this slip and mail it via the post office, email it, or hand it to either Suzette or me at our October 1 meeting
  2. Call 805-674-2034 to volunteer or ask questions. Just indicate hours that you can help.
  3. Fill out this online form, which will auto-magically be emailed directly to John

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    Your Phone Number (mobile preferred)

    What hours are you available?

    Do you have a preference in assignment? check all that apply
    Help as neededSet up tablesHang SignsSell seedsCashierUnload & set up plantsSit at sales tableSell plantsLoad customersʼ plantsSell books & posters

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