Carrizo Plain Wildflower Report March 3, 2017


Right now we are starting to see Goldfields, Fiddleneck, and Filaree  (Erodium cicutarium) pop up, but no wildflower color yet. Here are some images from previous years to whet your appetite.

Images courtesy of (and copyrighted by) Marlin Harms

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  1. Nyman

    I realize this is hard to predict, but which weekend in March might be the best for viewing wildflower color this year?

    • Judi Young

      My crystal ball says any day on the Carrizo Plain is a good day. We generally go in April as a group because the bloom is more reliable then.

    • Jeff

      Very difficult to predict. I rode Hwy. 58 last year on March 26th, and it looked like I missed the peak by about a week. I’m going to try again next week, and keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Jakob Bogenberger

    It sad that you are posting the blooming of red stem filaree (Erodium cicutarium)as if it is a native part of that ecosystem. It is an European invasive plant which is outcompeting most native annuals and is taking over a large portion of the Carrizo Plain. So no natives where is a high density of filagree!

  3. Sean

    Has anyone been to Shell Creek Rd. or the Carrizzo plain lately? I would assume that the wild flowers must be xploding right now with all of the rain?

  4. Jody Langford

    Went on Monday and the Temblor Range was incredible.

    Shell Creek doesn’t have much variety yet.

    58 between Shell Creek and Pozo Rd. has moderate color with some spectacular yellow fields. Around Soda Lake is basically just yellow.

  5. Maureen Gutierrez

    What is the best time of day to view wildflowers out there…..was planning on driving out on Monday April 10…Thanks for any input

    • Judi Young

      I imagine any time between sun up and sun down is pretty much incredible right now. You can’t go wrong.

      • Maureen Gutierrez

        Thanks Judi!


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