Here are some of the activities in which the SLO Chapter is involved that are often missed.  Is there something here that excites you?  If so, follow your passions – get involved!

Activities in April/May 2018:

Atascadero – this a series of fieldtrips for 3rd graders to the ALPS Adobe Springs Reserve; chapter volunteers will guide school children through the Reserve and talk about its native flora, April 10th, 11th, and 17th.

Native Plant Week – our chapter sponsors meetings and activities to promote the use of California Native plants, April 15th to 23rd.

Earth Day Celebrations, Laguna Lake Park – chapter volunteers will set up a booth and meet with the public to promote the virtues of CA native plants, Saturday, April 21st

The SOD (Sudden Oak Death) Blitz – chapter volunteers will receive training (Friday evening), then head into the field to track down infected trees (Saturday and Sunday), from which leaf samples are obtained and later sent to UC Berkeley for analysis; weekend of April 20th to 23rd.

Central Coast Wildlife Festival, Mission Plaza – chapter volunteers will set up a booth and meet the public to discuss the benefits of native plants, Saturday, May 12th.

On-going activities:

The Vegetation Mapping Project – volunteers meet in the field to assess rare native plant community alliances, using state-approved protocols.  Data collected by the group is sent to the CNPS state office for inclusion in the Manual of California Vegetation Database.

The Nipomo Lupine Research Project – our chapter is funding a UCSC graduate student in a continuing study of the rare, 1B.1 listed, Nipomo lupine (Lupinus nipomensis).  Volunteers are welcome to participate on days when data is collected.

County Photo Repository Project – chapter volunteers with experience in photo archiving can pitch in and help sort the thousands of entries in the chapter’s photo collection.

Trail Alliance of SLO Co. – chapter members advocate for the trail network on the Central Coast.

Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers – chapter volunteers participate in weekend trail building and maintenance workdays at multiple locations on the Central Coast.

Sierra Club hikes – chapter volunteers lead plant walks for the public, co-sponsored by the Sierra Club.

Eco-SLO – chapter volunteers represent native plant issues in community roundtable meetings, sharing current topics with the public, as well as other environmental organizations.

If you want to participate in any of these activities, or have ideas you want to share with CNPS, for future activities, contact Bill at (805) 459-2103 or  Thanks a lot!