A Commentary by John Nowak, Plant Sale co-Chairperson

The other day, while checking out at the grocery store, the cashier noticed my CNPS hat and asked me, “How do you become an environmentalist?” I thought for a moment and then I told him “I would start at home.” You don’t have to chain yourself to a herbicide spray truck in the National Forest to be an environmentalist. I told him of some suggestions that we can do, such as recycling water (use gray water), using both the blue recycle can and the green waste can more effectively, turning out lights when not in use, turning off the faucet went not needed, purchasing organic foods, and if you can, growing your own fruit and vegetables. In your garden, plant California native plants that are native to your area. Focus on bird- and bee-friendly shrubs and trees as the building blocks of your landscape. At this point, I realized people in the checkout line were listening to me. I finished my transaction and went on my way. Over the Summer, my wish is that each of you will spread the word. It’s not that hard to be an environmentalist. Until next Fall, feel free to email me if you have any gardening questions. In the mean time, Happy Gardening and Recycling.