There is a passage in John Muir’s First Summer in the Sierra that has always stuck with me:

In the great Central Valley of California there are only two seasons — spring and summer. The spring begins with the first rainstorm, which usually falls in November. In a few months the wonderful flowery vegetation is in full bloom, and by the end of May it is dead and dry and crisp, as if every plant had been roasted in an oven.

John Muir

That pretty much describes the seasons in a lot of places in SLO County as well, although I’ve always thought February marked the advent of spring in the California foothills. In a year like this one with what used to be called “normal” rainfall, you can count on a flush of early blooms – manzanitas, milkmaids, buttercups, fiesta flowers and more. It’s the cycle of renewal we count on each year, just like we count on your support to keep our programs going. We thank all of our new and renewing members this month.