With November fast approaching, it’s time once again to ask for volunteers for the plant sale. With last year’s relief from the long-standing drought,
hopes are high for another rainy season. I have gone back and looked at rain records based from San Francisco and they show that normally after a drought ends California has two to three years of normal to almost normal rainfall. So keeping this in mind, fall is a great time to plant natives. Tell your friends and neighbors to mark the first Saturday of November (Nov. 2nd) as the plant sale.

As you might guess the plant sale is one of our biggest fundraisers and is run totally on volunteer help. I have many jobs from hard to easy, depending on your abilities, so please contact me at gritlys@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering. Hours for set-up are from 7am to 9am, plant sale from 9am to 2pm, and clean-up from 2pm to 3pm. Early helpers get first pick on plants. But you are likely to get free plants if you help at clean-up. Those who want to just come and watch, that is fine too. The more the merrier.

In addition to plants, we will have a huge selection of books, posters, t-shirts, native plant seeds; great for early Christmas shopping! Suzette and I look forward to seeing you all at our October meeting.

John and Suzette, Plant Sale co-Chairpersons.