It was still dark and very cold when Suzette and I starting heading east from Los Osos to the plant sale site located in San Luis Obispo. It’s amazing at 6:30am, how few vehicles are on Los Osos Valley Road. This was a good thing, because the old Ford Explorer was not traveling very fast due to the heavy load of tables and other items. As we reached Madonna Road, I wondered what we would see as we arrived at the sale site.

These are the kind of things that a plant sale chairperson can lose sleep over. As we pulled into the parking lot, it was 38 degrees outside. I looked at Suzette and we both breathed a sigh of relief. As always and for the last 31 years, everybody was there, having a great time while setting things up for the sale.

Soon it was time for the starting bell to ring. As the day went on, people came and went, with numerous plants, books, t-shirts and seeds being sold, thanks to the hard work of our many volunteers. Suzette and I want to thank all who volunteered, who took the time to come out on a beautiful day and really make this sale happen. Looking forward already to next year’s sale and seeing you all working together again. Thanks for helping to spread the word … native plants rock! Have a great winter season and happy gardening.

John and Suzette