I want to extend a thank you to all who participated in the seed exchange in October. We ended up with over eighty species of plants. It was fun to see the interest of those who enjoy the propagation experience. Extra seed was packaged to sell at the plant sale in November and we managed to raise over $250 for our chapter. Who knows, perhaps we will have more native plants in local gardens to support the critters that make our county the wonderful place that it is, grown from seed at our exchange. I encourage all of those who enjoy collecting seed to continue to do that when the time is right. If anyone has access to red maid seeds please plan to collect. We did have some but not enough to carry over into the plant sale and it is one that I would like to be able to offer. I also think it would be fun to have some miner’s lettuce, milk maids, owls clover, yerba buena and, well, the list could go on and on. Perhaps none of you have this on your property but if you do, please collect. Remember though that to collect on collect on property that is not your own you need permission.

Marti Rutherford