The Hoover Award is given to members who have made an exceptional contribution to the local chapter, and is selected by a committee of past awardees. Our 2019 recipient is John Doyle.

John has been spreading native plant enthusiasm and assisting CNPS since 2011, making significant contributions to the chapter’s horticultural program. He has chaired the chapter’s horticultural committee since 2016. John contributed to our chapter’s initial seed collection and packaging effort with Marti Rutherford in 2013, while also encouraging others in the chapter to collect and distribute seed for the subsequent seed exchange program. He participated in the short-lived CNPS propagation group, and then went on to be an important voice in our chapter for promoting the use of natives. John has made presentations to the UC Master Gardeners of SLO County. He also participated in public radio station KCBX “Issues and Ideas” program, entitled “Fall Landscaping and Gardening Tips from a Central Coast Panel of Experts” (link). He gave advice in the production of our “Landscaping with Natives” brochure, organized and facilitated the “CNPS-SLO Landscape with Natives” workshop in October 2019 with Mindy Trask, and is working on more of the same. For several years he presented an annual talk at SLO’s
Farm Supply Co. regarding planting natives, and has also sat behind the CNPS information table at several events. John has contributed to our annual plant sale by bringing Growing Grounds Farm offerings to improve our selection, in addition to his own stash of collected native seed and plants, and regularly assists customers with his practical knowledge of using natives in landscapes. When Chimineas Ecological Reserve requested that CNPS help install a native plant garden, John volunteered. He has worked with Bill Waycott on the restoration of native vegetation along the creek banks at the SLO Mission and at the Rodriguez Adobe. John has also co-led a couple of field trips and has been a participant in many chapter activities. We thank John for his great contributions.