Welcome to the new year! As your new President, I look forward to an active and fun-filled year working towards our mission of increasing our understanding and appreciation of California’s native plants and to conserve them in their native habitats. As you know, we are part of a statewide effort to accomplish this, and we have a large and dedicated group. This time of year, it might be nice to revisit CNPS’s statewide strategic plan goals, which, in a nutshell, are: (1) Know; (2) Save; (3) Enhance and Restore; and (4) Engage and Energize.

We work to understand the flora, map and inventory the flora, and assess and prioritize. We act to conserve and share quality information. We build expertise and help restore native landscapes. We strengthen CNPS, appreciate what we have, champion and promote the good work of partners and professionals, and engage people of diverse backgrounds. All of our actions fall under these broad strategies and goals.

Here in SLO County in the coming year we are promoting workshops to understand the flora and our communities, and we will be actively involved in fighting the good fight for the Oceano Dunes and Osos Flaco Lake and other areas in the county that need conservation. We have an excellent team of experts that brings resources to every meeting we have. Perhaps we will even see that long-awaited Flora popping up this year (we hope; we hope!)

And lastly, this winter we have had a good set of storms, and hopefully this will promote extensive blooms and field trips galore now that our past president Bill Waycott has more time to give to setting up field trips!

Melissa Mooney