Baccharis pillularis ‘Pigeon Point’


Dwarf Coyote Bush

1 gallon

Plant Description: 

Plant Type: Shrub
Size: 1-5 ft tall
Form: Ground Cover
Growth Rate: Fast
Dormancy: Evergreen
Flowering Season: Summer, Fall

Photos: © Mardi Niles

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Description: Horticultural selection from Baccharis pilularis from Pigeon Point on the central California Coast north of Santa Cruz. Baccharis Pigeon Point’ grows into a 1′ by 6′ wide bright green groundcover. This is the preferred form of Dwarf Coyote Brush for slope stabilization and landscaping in almost all areas. Plant from gallons three to five feet apart for a two year or so fill-in. If you plant close together they grow over each other and you end up with a higher groundcover. ‘Pigeon Point’ doesn’t tend to get woody and seems to stay low and clean for at least ten to twelve years. Baccharis species are the nectary sources for most of the predatory wasps, native (small) butterflies and native flies. These plants ‘sing’ with life. They’re great startups for bad sites, and the evergreen carpet is pleasant to the eye. Water about once every two weeks to wash the dust off of the foliage. Coyote Brush, like many native plants, hates dust.

Landscaping Information:
Sun: Full Sun
Ease of Care: Very Easy
Soil Description: Tolerates a wide variety of soils.
Soil PH: 5.0 – 8.0
Common uses: Bank Stabilization, Groundcovers, Hedges, Butterfly Gardens, Deer Resistant, Bird Gardens, Bee Gardens
Companion Plants: Good with oaks, Toyon, Coffeeberry species, Manzanita species, Ceanothus species, sages, and most other chaparral species
Maintenance: The upright form can be pruned to be tree-like if desired. The ground cover forms should be pruned annually if a neat appearance is desired. Some may even be mowed.
Sunset Zones: 5, 7*, 8*, 9*, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18*, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

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