Baccharis salicifolia, Mule fat


1 gallon

Plant Type: Shrub
Size: 6 – 12 ft tall x 3 – 9 ft wide
Form: Upright, Rounded, Upright Columnar
Growth Rate: Fast
Dormancy: Evergreen, Summer Semi-Deciduous
Fragrance: Slight
Flower Color: Pink, White, Yellow
Flowering Season: Spring, Winter, Summer, Fall

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Baccharis salicifolia is a flowering shrub native to the desert southwest of the United States and northern Mexico, as well as parts of South America. Its usual common name is mule fat; it is also called seep willow or water-wally. This is a large bush with sticky foliage which bears plentiful small, fuzzy, pink or red-tinged white flowers. The long pointed leaves may be toothed. It is most common near water sources.

Mule fat is an extremely tough and easy to grow plant, flowers year round, and is a great choice for butterfly gardens. The downside is that it requires a fair amount of water to look good year round. Place in a naturally moist area, or be prepared to regularly irrigate during the dry season. It is quite drought tolerant once established, but will look weedy and unattractive if it doesn’t get much water. If it does get weedy, cut down to 3-4 inches above the base and it will resprout with all fresh green foliage.

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