Dune Mother’s Wildflower Guide


Dunes of Coastal San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties, California

Malcolm McLeod
97 pages
Dimensions: .4” x 5.5” x  8.5”
California Native Plant Society, 2001
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This delightful guide to the plants of the sand dunes is geared to the layperson.  Although the book is written for southern San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara Counties’ coastal dunes, it should also prove useful in other California Coastal areas, as many of the species are widespread.  Over 150 color photographs of more than 120 plants.  Plants are arranged according to the areas of the dunes (shoreline, fore dunes, stabilized and unstabilized dunes) in which they would most likely be found.  The Dune Mother is a reference to Kathleen Goddard Jones, a well known local activist who worked tirelessly for many years to help protect the dunes and their vegetation.

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