Festuca ‘Siskiyou Blue’


4 inch

Plant Type: Grasses, Ground Covers
Size: 1-2 ft tall, 1-2 ft wide
Form: Mounding, Clumping
Dormancy: Evergreen
Flower Color: Silverish-blue maturing to amber
Flowering Season: Spring, Summer

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Festuca ‘Siskiyou Blue’ (Siskiyou Blue Fescue) – A long living cool season bunch grass with tight clumps of narrow chalky-blue foliage 12 to 18 inches tall by slightly wider with flowers stalks rising straight up about 6 inches above the foliage in late spring into early summer. Plant in full sun to light shade in most regular to barren well-drained soils with regular, occasional to infrequent irrigation. Very cold hardy (to USDA Zone 4). Resistant to deer predation. This is an elegant looking fescue with leaves that are longer than the typical European fescues for a softer more graceful look. It was introduced by the Berkeley Botanic Garden where it was a chance seedling selection. It was initially thought to be a Festuca idahoensis but the current thought is that it is a hybrid between the native Festuca idahoensis and a European Festuca glauca (F. ovina glauca, Hort.). Though technically no longer a “native plant” it works well with native and other mediterranean climate plants and is non-invasive.

Landscaping Information:
Sun: Full Sun or Partial Shade
Moisture: Drought tolerant but needs occasional watering
Ease of Care: Very Easy
Cold Tolerance: Tolerates cold to 0°F
Soil Drainage: Fast, Medium
Common uses: Groundcovers, Rock Garden, Meadow

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