Frangula californica, Eve Case Coffeeberry


Eve Case Coffeeberry

1 gallon

Plant Description:
Plant Type: Shrub
Size: 3-6 ft tall, 4-6 ft wide
Form: Rounded
Growth Rate: Slow
Dormancy: Evergreen
Flower Color: Yellowish
Flowering Season: Spring

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About Eve Case Coffeeberry, Frangula californica ‘Eve Case’

The ‘Eve Case” variety of Rhamnus californica is a specially bred cultivar that provides a more manageable and compact shrub. This shrub is limited to a height of three to eight feet tall, and having a smaller width at about 5 feet wide in diameter. This shrub would be a better choice of Rhamnus californica for pots or container hedges, due to its smaller size and dense, large leaf foliage

Landscaping Information:
Sun: Full Sun, Part Shade
Moisture: Low
Ease of Care: Very Easy
Cold Tolerance: Tolerates cold to 15° F
Soil Drainage: Fast, Medium, SLow
Soil Description: Tolerates a variety of soils. Soil PH: 5.0 – 8.0
Common uses: Bank Stabilization, Hedges, Groundcovers, Deer Resistant, Bird Gardens, Butterfly Gardens, Bee Gardens
Companion Plants: Because the species is found in various habitats throughout the state and is tolerant of garden conditions, it can be combined with a wide variety of trees and shrubs.
Maintenance: Takes pruning well. Upright forms may be pruned to form a hedge.

About Coffeeberry (Frangula californica)

The California Buckthorn is also called coffeeberry because its berries contain seeds which look like coffee beans. It is a fairly common plant native to California and southwestern Oregon. It is a dense evergreen shrub growing to 6-15 feet tall, with dark red branches. The leaves are an attractive dark green with reddish tint, 1-3 inches long, with a curl under at the edges. The flowers are inconspicuous, small and greenish-white with five petals; they are produced in clusters of 5-60 together. The plant is prized more for its fruit, a berry 10-15 millimeters in diameter, which turn red, then purple and finally black over the summer. It is valued by birds. This plant is beautiful and easy to grow. It tolerates a wide variety of soil types, and likes either full sun or part shade. It is moderately garden tolerant, and is OK with light summer water up to 2x per month. Coffeeberry has a dense form and is easy to prune. It makes a great and fire resistant hedge. There are six subspecies, some of which are restricted to certain parts of its range or certain growing requirements. There are also a number of horticultural varieties including ‘Eve Case’ (this plant) and ‘Mound San Bruno’. Check for the one that best fits your locations and conditions.

View Calflora for more information. The image shown is for Coffeeberry (Frangula californica). Google has a selection of images which we can’t post due to copyright ownership.

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