Plants of the Carrizo Plain (ebook)


George Butterworth, Editor

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The Carrizo Plain is a last remnant of the grassland and scrub ecosystems that once occupied the San Joaquin Valley. It contains both pristine habitat, and areas now recovering from dry-farmed agriculture. Much of the plain is preserved as the Carrizo Plain National Monument, four ecological reserves, and other preserved areas. Soda Lake is one of the largest remaining alkali wetlands in the state.

The home of many rare plants and animals, Carrizo offers spectacular wildflower displays in good rain years, as well as numerous interesting plants every year.There has been a need for a comprehensive flower guide that can be used in the field by the enthusiast as well as the botanist. David Chipping and Dirk Walters originally proposed this as a traditional printed book, which has since been changed to an electronic book for a mobile computer, tablet, or phone.

George Butterworth has been the principal author of this version, designed for plant identification in the field. The main body of the book includes over 300 plants, which is most but not all of the species on Carrizo.The plants are organized into categories: Endangered, California State Rank 1B (rare), and California State Rank 4 (uncommon).

The plants are arranged first by color, then by flower type, then by family, then by genus, and last, by species name. They can be reached from a “Flower Finder” at the start of the book.Some plants have variable color and might occur in more than one color section.

There is one species per page, with photos and text. The text has (1) a brief Description; (2) Habitat, or where the plant is likely found, with respect to both plant community and location; (3) Flowers, which gives the flower size, and sometimes other information; and (4) Blooming Period.

Plants are native unless noted. If a plant is rare, that notation is at the bottom of the page.

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PLANTS OF THE CARRIZO PLAIN is authored by George Butterworth and a team from the San Luis Obispo Chapter of CNPS, all freely contributing their services over a period of three years.

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