The Geology of San Luis Obispo County (ebook)



Dr. David H. Chipping

The first edition was created in 1988 as a ring bound, photocopied volume that was used at Cal Poly for instruction in Geology classes. This is a completely new book, and is split into two volumes, this being the first volume of the pair.

It is the author’s intent to update the text as new material becomes available, and corrections are made by readers. Communication with the author can be made through the hosting web site. The author is particularly interested in keeping a third document, a County Geology Bibliography, up to date, as it includes as many county references as can be found, and is not restricted to those mentioned in the body of the text.



This book is available as a PDF (50 MB) download only. You will not receive a paper book and are not charged shipping. It includes beautiful photographs and detailed maps to compliment the text.