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In addition to books about native plants, we stock many books that cover horticulture, wildlife, ethnobotony, recreation, and other topics of interest to our membership. When available, we also sell plants in advance of a native plant sale.


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Pick up your plants November 07 from 9am – Noon at the CNPS pickup location off Broad Street in San Luis Obispo. (Note: there is no actual address for this location. It is at the East end of Francis Street in San Luis Obispo, behind Rizzoli’s Auto Repair. Please park on Francis St. while picking up plants.) A sign will be posted on the street.
GPS coordinates for Pick-up location: Lat: 35.266967 degrees, Long: -120.651302 degrees. 

Please only place your order if you are able to pick up your plants on November 7 between 9 am and Noon. There are no options for other pickup times or dates, or shipping of these live plants. 


Our BOOKS and T-SHIRT SALES TABLE will be at the Pickup location and everyone picking up their plants gets 10% off!

The chapter’s Book and T-shirt Sales Table will be setup at the online plant sale pickup location on Nov 7 from 9am to Noon only. This is an opportunity to purchase native plant gardening, plant identification and local outdoor trail guide books, as well as T-shirts. We will be outdoors with face masks and social distancing required to ensure everyone’s safety. Pick up a book you wish you had or tackle your holiday gift list and receive a 10% discount as a thank you for supporting our online sales. Purchase with a debit or credit card is preferred. If you have any questions regarding books or T-shirts, send us a note at info.cnpsslo@gmail.com.







Dune Mother's Guide Errata

Errata and New Nomenclature conforming to The Jepson Manual – 2nd Edition

Fiscalini Plant Guide

including both halves of the previous East-West Ranch and the riparian corridor of Santa Rosa Creek
Constructed from plant lists compiled by Dr. David Keil, ‘Doc’Miller, Holly Sletteland, and herbarium records, with botanic descriptions extracted from work by Dr. Keil